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on the investigation of a sexual assault on a 15-year-old teenager named audrie pott. she took her own life days after the attack. it is a troubling story we reported last night. our usual policy is not to identify the victims of sexual assault or suicide. but in this case her parents want her name and face to be shown in an effort to prevent this from happening to anyone else. we have several answers on how the sheriff's department has handled the investigation. we have information about a key piece of evidence. p marianne favro is with us tonight. we begin with monte francis in san jose. >> reporter: the three 16-year-old boys are being held here at juvenile hall. we have learned way back in september they were cited on a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery and released. why did it take seven more months for them to be charged with felony? three 16-year-old boys in juvenile hall each with two felonies including one for distributing sexual photos of a minor. why it took so long for deputies to make the arrest considered the boys were cited not long after pott's suicide. >> we have to send our comput
, in this case audrie potts' parents want her story told to prevent other suicides. in san francisco, he just spoke with someone who survived bullying and an attempted suicide. >> reporter: 13-year-old kevin heinz jumped off the golden gate bridge expecting to end his life. unbelievably he survived. now he has a message for other people in that same situation. >> my job now on this planet is to help people like audrie potts before they get to this point. this is temporary. this instance in your life is temporary. just like the bullying that was pushed upon me was temporary. >> kevin heinz saying that bullying played a role in his decision to end his life. in the year 2000 he jumped off of the golden gate bridge. he's one of four people known to have survived that jump and to regain full mobility. 15-year-old audrie pott committed suicide. last week deputies arrested three 16-year-old boys, two of them at saratoga high school and a third at a high school in gilroy. they have each been charged with two felonies related to the sexual assault. audrie pott's parents are pushing for the boys to be
is live. >> reporter: the sheriff has confirmed all three has been charged. this is audrie pott, soccer lover and victim of cyber-bullying and she committed suicide eight-days after pictures circulated of her being assaulted while pasted out at a party. >> the dangerous affects of kids and what they can do with their phones and laptops is damaging and audrie pott was terrorized. >> reporter: they were released on a charge of inappropriate touching and further investigation led to two felony charges. >> i have a problem when you video or photograph a crime and share it. kids need to get smarter about what is right and wrong. >> reporter: they can't confirm they have the case or how they will prosecute it, in some cases they can try an adult in adult court, they would have to convince the judge it is supposed to be there. >> sexual penetration is a crime and there is a distinguish between being forces and being asleep. >> reporter: this is statement given my the victim's attorney and they are considering civil suits against parents and students and are planning a media conference next wee
and stepmother of 15-year-old a audrie pott want her story told. >> reporter: 13 years ago, kevin hines jumped off the golden gate bridge, expecting to end his life. unbelievable, he survived. and now he has a message for anyone considering suicide. >> my job now on this planet is to help people like audrie pott before they get to that point. that you can live well. and this is temporary. this instance in your life is temporary. just like the bullying that was pushed upon me was temporary. >> reporter: kevin hines is one of four people known to have survived a jump from the golden gate bridge and to regain full mobility. he says bullying played a role in his decision to end his life in the year 2000. the parents of 15-year-old audrie pott say bullying all played a role in their daughter's suicide last september. authorities say photos of the girl being sexualliry assaulted while passed out and drunk at an unsupervised house party circulated via text message and e-mail at saratoga high school leaving her humiliated. last week deputies arrested three 16-year-old boys, two of them at saratoga hig
of the assault were posted on social media. the parents of audrie pott allowed to us share the photo so maybe another child might be saved. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in saratoga. >> it is called cyber bullying at its worst. others fear the boys charged may have ready destroyed crucial evidence in the case. >> students returned to saratoga high school this morning a day after the arrest of three, 16-year-old boys. one was a former student here, charged with the sexual assault of 15-year-old audrie pott. a parent talked to his freshman daughter about the crime. >> i explaind to her and she said, good, i hope those boys get what they deserve. they should not have done that. >> the sheriff deputies hauled the student suspects out of class charging them with attacking her in september at a house party the she drank too much and passed." they took advantage by taking photos of the assault and posting them online. the pictures went viral. after the attack, she posted open her facebook page, they took pictures much me, my life is ruined, this is the way day ever. she took her life da
with the sexual assault of 15-year-old audrie pott. a parent talked to his freshman daughter about the crime. >> i explaind to her and she said, good, i hope those boys get what they deserve. they should not have done that. >> the sheriff deputies hauled the student suspects out of class charging them with attacking her in september at a house party the she drank too much and passed." they took advantage by taking photos of the assault and posting them online. the pictures went viral. after the attack, she posted open her facebook page, they took pictures much me, my life is ruined, this is the way day ever. she took her life days later. >> what happened to her and the fact she felt she had no way out shows the gravity of the conduct of the boys. this is a very, very, very serious thing that happened and it is truly a tragedy. >> today her foundation posted this on facebook, the boys charged may have destroyed evidence in the case and they ask for information from the public. students wonder why it took so long to make an arrest. >> that it took that long is ridiculous, half a year? september? i f
of audrie pott go to court. we will have a live report on what they are expected to ask the judge. >> find out what triggered a wild police chase through the streets of san francisco which the three juvenile suspects accused of the sexual battery of a teen girl in san jose are hoping to be released in the case of 15-year-old audrie pott who submitted suicide after images of what happened appeared in social media. our news reporter joins us with the latest. >> the hearing is still going on at juvenile court where a judge may decide if three, 16-year-old boys charged with sexual assault can be released in the custody of their parents or remain locked up. the family of 15-year-old audrie pott arrived for the hearing this morning with their attorneys. the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the boys on monday. last september audrey went to an unsupervised house party where she drank too much alcohol and passed out. when she woke she realized she had been sexually assaulted and the attackers took pictures which were texted to others at saratoga high school. she was devastate asked too
the grief that the audrie pott family is feeling, her own daughter tried to commit suicide after being taunted by classmates. she is trying help kids deal with the emotional strain of it. we have more on the mother's message and it's heart breaking. >> reporter: it truly is, the mother said there needs to be more done to give a voice to the kids being bullied and suffering in silence. >> she just wanted the pain to stop. >> reporter: amanda dried to commit suicide, after being bullied at school and through text messages all through the day and night hours. >> that she was bi-sexual, and that she had aids was spreading it. that was the part that pushed her over the edge. the 16-year-old was involved in drama a, music and sports, survived. but suffered brain damage. on tuesday, four years later, she died. >> you know, the old saying that stick and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me. that worked back then, but now the kids are so wired they do not think about it. >> reporter: the mother said she was upset after hearing about audrie pott. >> all schools i understand a
regresamos con más >>> se diercon cita para participar en la vigilia en honor a audrie pott, ramón adame con los dlsl. >>> muchas gracias, león felipe, qué tal, esta vigilia fue a las 8 de la noche en la escuela zaratoga y muchos de los asistentes manifestaron sus pensamientos ante este tipo de situaciones >>> con un profundo suspiro, el padre de audrie pott, calificó a su hija como alguien muy especial, en la vigilia de la escuela saratoga high school. >>> soy una madre de una joven que intentó suicidarse hace 4 años. >>> y aquí estoy para apoyar a la familia de audrie potts, porque lo que le pasó a ella no le debe pasar a nadie. >>> decenas de personas se dieron cita en memoria de audrie pott. >>> porque es un problema grande, ,el abuso sexual y hay que educar a las personas que puedan escuchar y tengan la manera para cambiar. >t>>tambiÉn dijeron lo que a su juicio merecen los jóvenes que abusaron de audrie. >>> la muchacha pasó de vida ,y hay que conmemorarla con la justicia . >>>a udrie pott de 15 años, al parecer fue asaltada sexualmente en el 3 de diciembre >>> algunos de lo
with the investigation and the school's response. >> reporter: audrie pott's family just filed a new legal claim against the district which could be a precursor to a lawsuit. and the document outlines allegations against teachers and administrators at saratoga high school. >> the key for what the pott family is looking at is did the school know that audrie was being bullied? >> reporter: legal analyst says that one of the key questions in the new legal claim and the answer according to audrie pott's family is that teachers and administrators knew audrie was being bullied and failed to act. >> the dissim nation of the photographs and the bullying occurred on campus between students then that is something that the school perhaps should have prevented. >> reporter: the family also accuses the principal of saratoga high of announcing audrie's death over the loud speaker to the student body before the family realized that she had passed away because audrie was kept on life support for organ donation for two days after she hanged herself and the family argued audrie was technically alive. the school district
drove audrie to take her own life. the parents of audrie pott plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against two of her former schoolmates accused of sexual assault. she committed suicide after graphic images of her spun around. she drank too much alcohol and fell asleep in a bedroom. she woke up to find evidence she had been sexual assaulted while asleep. the boys took photos. audrie sent messages through her facebook page saying her life was ruined. a week after that party she killed herself. these photos were the key piece of evidence that led to the arrest that happened on thursday. the three 16-year-olds are in custody in juvenile halls. audrie parents wanted to share her story and raise awareness about bullying and sexual assault. >> it's very difficult to know what's going on in their world because they keep it from us. i think that audrie did try to reach out to some of her friends for help but she didn't reach out to an adult that knew how to handle the gravity of this situation. i think if she did she would still be with us. >> reporter: this case echoes the student rape ca
kovl of the boston bombings continues in a moment, first a vigil for audrie potts. she committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted and photos were sent out online. >> reporter: on facebook about 250 people committed to coming to tonight's vigil. and by the looks of the crowd tonight it appears earn kept their commitment. many of them wore teal, audrie's favorite color. family and friends of audrie potts gathered tonight still trying to come to terms with her suicide and the events leading up to it. >> she's gone because they thought it was funny. >> reporter: she took her own life after she was sexually assaulted and photos of the attacks were spread through text messages and e-mails. >> she was an example of the golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. no one ever wanted to be treated the way she was. >> reporter: friends say odd ry didn't tell people how much the bullying bothered her. >> i guess that's what hurts more is that i could have helped and i didn't get a chance to. >> my dear audrie. >> reporter: a letter was read that she wrote right after he
assaulting 15-year-old audrie pott. today the los gatos saratoga school district said it cannot expel those boys because the alleged assault didn't take place on campus. audrie pott committed suicide after pictures of the alleged attack were circulated on social media last september. today's statement from the school district comes one day after potts' family filed a claim alleging negligence over the way the district handled the events surrounding the teen's death. the district said it notified students through, quote, a brief announcement over the pa and noon. if you want more information, we have posted the entire statement from the school district on our website. just go to >>> emotions ran high in a nevada courtroom today as a man accused in a shooting on the vegas strip made his first court appearance. 27-year-old ammar harris did not enter a plea. he is accused in the fatal shooting of aspiring oakland rapper, kenny cherry. cherry's maserati hit a taxicab, hitting the driver. >>> executive director paul clemson testified today. the report raises questions about whether the
---the victim is audrie pott.. who later committed suicide. and her pictures were circulated on the internet. >> the parents are still grieving and are obviously devastated by this loss. lorren cerri is an attorney working for audrie's family helping them find whatever justice is possible in this horrific case. we obviously can't bring her back, but the families goal is to try and not let this happen again. for now, they want answers. any and all answers about what happened that night audrie went to a party of a classmate from saratoga high. sources tell kron four there were dozens at the party. and audrie's family wants to hear from them. >> this was bullying. and to humiliate someone. the reason why this was so long was that there were multiple search with electronic equipment and homes. and forensic equipment to find the evidence that we needed. what they want is for people to come forward, people i nthe community as what happened to audrie who can help them get those answers. we encourage parents to talk to their children, ask their children to come forward there is honor in coming forwa
her high school. audrie pott's family says the school was negligent. district officials are defending their actions. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, legal experts say this is a case that could affect schools everywhere. >> what did at the school know and what did they know about it? >> reporter: the school officials could be facing legal action. serious legal action if they failed to take appropriate disciplinary actions. school know and when did they know it. former prosecutor and criminal deffense attorney steven clark says school officials could be facing serious legal action if they failed to take appropriate disciplianry steps against 3 saratoga high school students. the teens have been arrested for sexually assautled audrie pott at a home here in saratoga. pott reportedly drank gatorade laced with alcohol, passed out but then awoke with her pants off, and notes scribbled on her body about the assault. authoriteis say a picture of the assault was later passed around on campus amongst students. days later audrie hanged herself in her parents bathroom. >> where this school c
in september. explicit pictures of the incident showing audrie pott then circulated online. the young woman committed suicide just days later. its possible that the suspects could be tried as adults. >> and i know that she was very upset with the photographs circulating out there. that is probably what led to the suicide or least a huge, contributing factor. it is sad, it is so sad this is bullying! it is very, very sad. >> investigators say the reason it took so long to make the arrests is because of multiple home searches, and electronic and forensic work. still ahead, you'll hear from a child psychologist who talks about the impact social media had in this case. >> it was a tense friday for students and parents at scotts valley high school. the school was shut down and classes cancelled yesterday, following an on- line threat. it was posted thursday night on facebook. and said quote, 'if you go to school tomorrow, you will die.'-- end quote. neither police nor school officials will confirm speculation by students. that one of their own is to blame. but they promise there will be conseque
of audrie pott are devastated by her loss, they want to know what it is that actually happened to their beautiful young daughter. and we strongly, strongly encourage and hope that people will come forward and help them get answers. >> today the website for the audrie pott foundation, said they have been having technical problems and there were attacks on the system. and said the high interest in the case has over burdened the website as band width. nbc bay area news. >> new at 6:05, a break in a kidnapping case involving a ont. carla herndez h been charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. the mother was warming up the car, and walked a to close the garage door and that is when hernandez got in the car and drove away. information from witnesses helped to track hernandez down. >>> nine months after a mother and father were shot in san hoe, police say they have caught the suspect. he is accused of killing the couple in july of last year. all the children were home at the time. relatives say it was a love triangle of sorts. medina was obsessedher. > now t annbc bay area if y
this morning. the parents of audrie pott will hold a news conference in san jose this morning. the ten-year-old committed suicide in accept difficulties after being attacked while unconscious at a house party. three teen boys now face felony charges including sexual assault and distributing pictures of the incident. attorneys for the girl's family say they will file a civil lawsuit. >> objective is to educate parents when this device is held between your hands many teens don't have the maturity level to understand the harmful effects it can cause. >> her parents launched the audrie pott foundation to push for stricter laws against cyber bullying. we will have more on the story at the top of the hour. >> after a year of
are speaking publicly for the first time. audrie potts parents are holding a news conference in san jose. amy hollyfield is live at the hotel. >> it just got started. look at this live picture of what is happening behind me. the family's attorney is speaking first and introduced a family, her mother and father are here, and they have huge pictures of her along with a banner signed by her classmates of saratoga high school. the 15-year-old killed herself in september after being sexually assaulted and her family says pictures of the assault were posted online and they say she was so humiliated that she committed suicide. an article came out in the saratoga high school newspaper with students saying the pictures were not widely distributed as has been reported and they does not go viral and maybe only about ten students saw them. we asked her family attorney about the article this morning. to know what she was thinking she said the whole school knew about it so, whether ten kids actually saw the photograph, how many were talking about it, and how wide-spread were the rumors? the rumors and the
at saratoga high school will find out today if they can be released from detention. audrie pott committed suicide in september after images of her being sexually assaulted were shared on text messages. the family of audrie pott say they want the teens kept in custody and could be tried as adults. >> the winds have died down. it knocked down trees in several cities including in burlingame. it blocked the road until it could be removed. a viewer sent this video to "you report." and this photo is from union city, when anna heard a crack, grabbed her baby and ran out of the house. her neighbor's tree was collapsing open her property. i saw branches all over the place and small trees down. >> i did, too. how will today compare? >> not as bad. but it will be breezy especially around the delta communities and along the bay shore and to the coast where we have small craft advisory. from mount tamalpais, it will be sunny, breezy, and chill and if you head out tonight, 46 in san francisco, 43 at san jose and walnut creek and palo alto are cooler at 40. mill valley is 47 degrees right now. the winds
with light brown hair and a white beard. >> three teens who sexually assaulted 15-year-old audrie pott while she was drunk and passed out at a party, during a conference yesterday, her mother said they wrote crude messages on her body an e- mailed photos. she committed suicide days later. >> they harassed the victim with the photos and took steps to cover up the evidence. >> audrie pott's mother and father plan to sue them and want them to be tried as adults. the boy's say they were inaccurate and a judge will decide whether they will remain in custody or be released to their parents. >>> we are following breaking news this is the iranians -- iran where the quake measured 7.8 and another quake hit the region lastweek killing 37 people and we are getting death tolls on this new earthquake and we will continue to follow this story but we will bring more information as soon as it becomes available. >> hopefully the traffic will not be a prop problem. >> we are looking at the commute on the -- commute on the east shore freeway and the commute is looking good on the bay bridge plaza and we had an
and the pott was. the boys are accused of sexually molesting a drunk an unconscious audrie pott and taking pictures of her and distributing them. >> i mean, that's just heinous. it's disgusting. who would say that? it's obvious that this is the only connection. >> these individuals calculated their assault, harassed the victim with the photos and then took steps to cover up the evidence. >> reporter: now, we do not know if a decision has been made here at the juvenile court. there has been in effect sort of an unofficial gag order it seems because now nobody from either side is talking about this case even off camera. so at this point, we are still waiting to find out if the boys are released. we don't know if it's an indication of the outcome. but robert ailard as well as the audrie pott family members have given us notice that we will not be doing any -- that they will not be doing any interviews. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news, back to you. >>> up next, a look at the stocks and how the victims are being remembered in the boston bombing. >>> taking a live look at the big board, new yo
hearing today for three juveniles accused of sexually assaulting audrie pott, the 15-year-old girl committed suicide in september after she learned of photos of the alleged attack had circulated online. video from a news conference yesterday where the girls parents announced a civil suit against the three suspects here. they also said the attackers used a black marker to write taunting messages on the girl's body. it allegedly happened after audrie pott got drunk at a party and passed out. >>> the stock market is rebounding from the worst day of the year. the dow has been more than a hundred points higher but backed off a little. that is live look at the big board. looks like the dow, nasdaq and s&p are up. dow up 112 points. >>> if you are working toward loading up on supplements, you could being doing your body more harm than good. >>> paper or paper, how environmentalists say they want to take the plastic bag ban one step further. that's coming up next. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate.
after fifteen year old audrie pott took her own life. prosecutors say, they have tracked down at least some of the classmates who humiliated her. this is a very very serious crime and now. three of her saratoga high school classmates are under arrest. they are accused in the sexual assault. and distributing pictures of the assault. online. audrie pott committed suicide last september. the attorney working for her family says, she is helping them find whatever justice is possible in this tragic case. >> "the parents are still grieving and are obviously devastated by this loss"/"we obviously can't bring her back, but the families goal is to try and not let this happen again." audrie's parents want people to come forward. the night of her sexual saratoga classmates party. sources tell kron four, there were dozens at the party. and audrie's family wants to hear from them. in the meantime, her family has put together a foundation in her name. and plans to work toward legislation making cyber bullying a crime. right now, officials the boys will be charged with the sexual assault and distribu
. an emotional day in the south bay as the parents of audrie pott are speaking out for the first time. >>> and the fbi is asking for your help, the connection to an infamous killer in the bay area. >>> we have been watching a blustery day. peak wind gusts. the hill tops above 50 miles per hour. we are watching the wind advisory for this evening. showers not too far away. we will let you know if any of that is heading your way. we'll have a look when we come right back. >>> they're fighting through their pain and loss in hopes of helping other families. today the family of audrie pott opened up about their 15-year-old daughter who committed suicide following an alleged sexual assault. >> the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. we have team coverage for you this evening. kris sanchez begins coverage with more on the civil lawsuit. are there criminal cases at this point. >> reporter: in that civil lawsuit that was filed this afternoon it says that when audrie pott woke up after a night of drinking at that home in saratoga last labor day her shorts were off and there were words and dra
as innocent." that statement has infuriated audrie pott's parents and it's one reason they have moved up their news conference to today instead of tomorrow. i believe the attorney for audr pott's parents and the parents are now at the podium. lets listen in. >> we're apparently having audio problems but they are stepping up to the podium. as i mentioned again their point for having the news conference today, as we understand is, one, to let people know what happened or to respond to what happened to announce they are filing this wrongful death lawsuit against those three 16-year-old boys. and three, to push for audrie's law. again, they would like to see tougher legislation against cyber bullying on the state and federal level. can you watch this on our website. we're streaming it on the three boys are still in the juvenile detention center in san jose not far from this location. their first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. also in the south bay, a san jose police officer is
and suicide case of saratoga teen, audrie pott. the family of the south bay teen has filed a legal claim against her high school. pott's family says, the school was negligent. and that officials did nothing, as pott was reportedly being bullied with pictures showing her being sexually assaulted. district officials are defending their actions do against the 3 teens, was expel two of them from high school sports. because it was an off campus incident. the teens have since been arrested. >> new video from our big story from the west texas. this is near where ago. eight in the morning or it now appears the killing >> this is a blast. from waco, texas. and there are children screaming. >> please get out of here. >> dad, please get out of here. >> it is difficult because the child cannot hear. the mayor, and the west texas. saying that there are multiple fatalities. and over 100 people are hospitalized with injuries. 70 homes are gone. and this fertilizer plant was wiped out. also, the air is it dangerous to breathe. there will be an update in the morning from west texas. and in daylight the r
here for two months, mom. >> what the parents of audrie pott are saying about her suicide and what is happening in court. >>> report of a helicopter crash in south korea amidst new threats from the north this morning. >>> and just getting word of a new crash on the peninsular and there is a new crash reported in san mateo. . >>> welcome back, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, we are following a major development and you are looking at a video from the suburb of revere. you can see law enforcement agents searching an apartment house of a possible suspect. now the fbi will be holding a news conference at 6:30 hour time to give us the very latest on the investigation. >>> they are looking into the cause of a fire that killed a seven-year-old girl. it started at an a detached -- at a detached garage and two other people were treated for smoke inhalation. >>> several pg&e transformers are leaking oil and it happened near san jose. we are told several thousands of gallons of oil are -- several thousands of gallons are leaking. we will have a live report coming up in the 6:
. deputies arrested 316 year-old boys last week on suspicion of sexual battery against audrie pott, a sarasota high school sophomore who hanged herself last september after an extensive photo was circulated of the alleged assault. the santa clara county's sheriff's office says the initial investigation turned up only enough evidence to support citations for misdemeanor sexual battery. the pott family is expected to hold a press conference this morning at 11:00 a.m.. au drie's mother, father, stepmother as well as a family attorney are all expected to speak. we'll be carrying the press, is live on our 247 news channel, has 193. >> developing news out of berkeley where a firefighter is raised by a bullet. the south for fire during an emergency medical called the 1200 block ups dwight way near san pablo. the firefighter was raised bible was treated at the scene and his party back on the job and his fire house in berkeley. the shooter was a man in his 80s. he is in custody in undergoing a mental evaluation at a local hospital. police in san of their looking for the hit and run driver w
this week for audrie pott. that's the saratoga teenager who committed suicide after she was sexually assaulted at a party last september. an explicit picture of 15 year old audrie was posted online showing the alleged assault. pott took her own life just days later. after an investigation that took several months , sheriff's deputies arrested three 16 year old boys on thursday. authorities say the images posted online were key pieces of evidence that led to the arrests. meantime, the lawyers for the teen suspects. released this statement. "much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate. most disturbing is the attempt to link audrie's suicide to the specific actions of these three boys. we are hopeful that everyone understands that these boys are to be regarded as innocent." >> the vigil for audrie pott is this friday night at 8pm at saratoga high school. audrie's parents have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow. >> the bay area coast guard rescued four people. after their tug boat sank while towing a barge off the coast of big sur. coast guard crews rec
." >> first, from fox, at 3:00 in new york city, 15-year-old audrie potts called her mother from school last fall and asked her mom to pick her up saying, i can't do this anymore. hours later she killed herself. that's the word from her family's attorney, as we learn more about the sexual assault allegations and the photograph of that incident that had good-begun to spread. according to relatives she hanged he was eight days after a group of teenagers sexually assaulted her and after at least one photo made the text message round. the family members want to make audrie's store public. her mother said she knew her attackers and that made the crime even worse. >> it wasn't committed by strangers. it was committed by people she trusted. so, it was an ultimate betrayal. it would be difficult for an adult to deal with something like that. let alone a child. >> audrie potts' stepmother said the girl was unconscious at the time and those men were 1 been% soberment now three teens face criminal charges in a statement an attorney for the suspect says much of what has been reported is inaccurate. most
to try and get a message across and in part because they are really angry. 15-year-old audrie pott killed herself in september. the saratoga high school student was sexually assaulted at a party with pictures of the assault. her parents say the pictures were posted online amounting to cyberbullying and that is why audrey killed herself. tones for the accused boys released a statement saying and i quote, "much of what has been reported has been inaccurate and most stubbing is the attempt to link her suicide to the specific actions of the three boys." this statement prompted the lawsuit. >> hoping for a response that said something like the family has our condole ends if our children did anything to cause this, we are willing to make amends. it was the exact opposite. it was, these people are lying. >> her parents hope this lawsuit will help educate teenagers about the harmful effects of pictures taken and spread with mobile devices. the boys will not only face sexual bad try criminal charges but a civil case here in this courthouse, as well. her parents the be speaking out for the first ti
about the teens arrested f f0 assault of audrie pott. >>> bay area teenager's suicide is now fueling debate over cyber bulling. new details over the teens arrested for the suicide of aubrey potts. >>> there's changes ahead big time. the forecast in minutes. >> don't suggest it's a roadblock. you are entitled to stay in place if the voters want you and you are performing extremely well. >> rising political stars rally, and democrats have a closer look at what may be a generational gap in the party. >> it's 7:30. and i'm anne makovec. >> and i'm phil matier. democrats gathered in sacramento, and we will look at the tensions in the party. >> and a gun buyback and guy show within miles of each other in the bay area. >>> a closer look at the trade delegations that the mayor and did in china. what's coming to the bay area and what's not. >>> the top story this morning, an amtrak train with 150 people is now moving again after it derailed in the east bay. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the derailment. it was traveling to vancouver when the front wheels wept off t
. audrie pott was sexually assaulted at a party last september. her family said she committed suicide after photos were given out about what happened. >>> it could have been avoided years ago and state documents say they ordered tests in 2008 which could have revealed the problems. now the tests were done and could delay the opening. >> we'll see how it goes. sal, any problems on the flee way? >> -- freeways? >> nothing major, brian and pam, let's look at 880 westbound and traffic continues to move along well as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems, you are looking at the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza and that has been pretty nice getting into the city and if you are driving in san jose, it is right downtown and it is a very nice drive, let's go to steve. >>> we have it not too outrageous and not 90% just take your pick, there is some mid-50ed san jose 49 and calm conditions napa airport this time the direction the wind is coming from but it is all turning northerly and there will be some good gusts out towards the east bay as well. ukiah has 38 degrees, the north wi
got out safely and fortunately nobody was in that home. >>> audrie pott's parents are asking why the teens accused of sexually assaulting their daughter were not expelled. in a statement they said, school districts cannot expel somebody based on behavior outside of the school. the photo of the alleged incident caused their daughter to commit suicide. >> but the results of photographed and video graphed and somehow they are being disseminated on school property about one of their students -- >> they failed to document a meeting they had and bullying was not discussed at the meeting. a candle vigil will be held at saratoga high school. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was in court. sierra lamar was last seen walking from her home. >>> how is it in montgomery? >> well, it's still closed between new montgomery and for more is still out there and -- more more -- tara is still out there and i know they are going on this date to celebrate the earthquake survivors and that has been put on hold. tara is on the scene. we will find out more about that coming up. le
assault pictures were shared on line parents' are accusing the boys of destroying evidence. audrie pott was assaulted after being passed out and pictures were shared through text and on line. she took her life eight-days later. >>> secretary of state john kerry is going to asia for the first time. >> reporter: he made it clear talks will only happen if they give up up their nuclear weapons. john kerry touched down in south korea armed with a message for for the north. >> the united states will defend ourselves and allies. we are prepare today work that relations between the north and south can improve and improve quickly. >> reporter: there are more questions about whether they can deliver a nuclear weapon or not. it comes after a portion of the mistake was marked declassified
details to toll you about in the author audrie pott's case. three teenagers accused of sexually assaulting the student before she ultimately committed suicide, all three facing a judge today for the very first time. nbc's bob redell joining us live in san jose with exactly what happened in juvenile court. bob, good morning. >> reporter: and what is still happening. good morning, jon. this is a custody hearing to determine if those three 16-year-old boys should continue to be detained at a juvenile center in san jose. this is where they have been since their arrest this past thursday or if they should be allowed to be going back home with their families. the family of audrie pott, she is the 15-year-old girl they are accused of sexually assaulting, that family is determined to make sure they do stay behind bars. this morning pott's parents, stepmother and lawyers attende the hearing. it's not clear what, if anything, they were able to say before the judge since these proceedings are closed to the public and the media. we also don't know what the judge will decide. we'll get a better idea wh
attorney claims started sharing pictures of the assault with friends and classmates. audrie pott's parents sat down with me for an exclusive interview. we'll show that to you in moments. a planeful of tourists were coming in for a landing on the exotic island of bali. something went terribly wrong. trace will have the story after this break. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. >> an investigation is underway to figure out what caused a boeing 737 to miss a runway and crash in the sea near an airport in indonesia. the plane split open when it hit the water and that's where trace gallagher picks up the stor
with the case. deputies arrested 316 year-old boys last week on suspicion of sexual battery against audrie pott , a saratoga high school sophomore who hanged herself last september after an explosive fall was circulated of the alleged assault. the santa clara county sheriff's office says the initial investigation turned up only enough evidence to support citations for misdemeanor sexual battery. the boys were not taken into custody when they were recited, and the sheriff's office did not know of they had appeared at any juvenile court hearings. the pot family is expected to hold a press conference this morning at 11:00 a.m.. audrie pott mother, father, stepmother as well as the family attorney are all expected to speak. we'll be carrying a press conference live on a 0.47 news channel comcast 193. >> a 75 year-old man who went missing from medical care facility was found sunday night in las angeles. robert archambault who is handicapped and uses a wheelchair was missing from berlin game saturday afternoon. police on and las angeles at around 9:00 p.m. sunday night. medical personnel up evaluated
. >>> legal experts say it could take a month to decide if 14 boys accused of sexually assaulted audrie pott should be tried as adult. her parents went to a court hearing for the three teen suspects am a judge could decide whether to release the boys to their parents. she committed suicide eight days after being sexually assaulted and she killed herself after photos were distributed at the high school and then put on the internet. the parents of audrie pott are claiming negligence. >>> this is 880, there is a stalled vehicle blocking and this is just terrible, people have heard about it and they are having a little improvement and making some progress because there has been a tow truck out there and they are just about to reopen these lanes, northbound 880 and in fact, it looks like the lanes just reopened and as we are reading the cat on the air, traffic is already beginning to get better and they have moved that bus which is great news. let's look at westbound bay bridge and traffic is moving along well at the toll plaza and it has not been really heavy just yet. 101280 up and down the pen
and the family of audrie pott. she committed suicide after she was allegedly sexually assaulted by classmates at an off-campus party and bullied at school when photos of the attack were shared with other students. yesterday the district refuted many of the claims by the family. tonight the family lawyer is fighting back. damian trujillo is live at juvenile hall where three suspects may be tried as adults. >> reporter: well, sources tell me that the three teenagers are still behind me right now here at juvenile hall. in the coming days a judge can either release them on house arrest or he can keep them here until the trial. in the meantime, the legal battle continues growing. the saratoga school district sent out this four-page rebuttal on wednesday, defending its actions in handling the case of audrie pott. her family had claimed the school ignored repeated claims dating back a year ago that audrie was being bullied. the district said her family never discussed bullying with school administrators at a meeting a year ago. the family also claims the school announced their daughter's death befor
boys accused of sexually assaulting and distributing photos of saratoga teen audrie pott are being electronically monitored on house arrest. the 16-year-old boys were released from juvenile hall on saturday. they will have to petition to be allowed out of their parents' homes. audrie pott hanged herself in september after the alleged sexual assault. >>> ac transit will meet today to consider another fare hike for its bus service. if the fare hike proposal passes, riders could be paying more starting july 1. since 2005, ac transit riders have faced yearly fare hikes. >>> 4:48 now. california is on track to collect $4 billion more in personal income taxes than originally expected. the legislative office says the state has been posting strong tax collections so far this fiscal year. this news means the potential boost for education. much of the revenue is expected to go to schools and cleanse. >>> governor brown has a neighbor to thank. sacramento police say this man tried to break into the governor's loft on sunday night. a neighbor caught him and he was arrested. brown told the stor
committed suicide. the parents of audrie pott says she took her life after someone posted a photo of the sexual assault online. her parents say she was drunk and unkerns when at least three boys sexually assaulted her at a party last fall. her parents now hope the boys will be prosecuted as adults. >> the family hopes that these boys are brought to justice and that they face the gravest consequences that they can regardless of their age. >> this case has drawn comparison to the case in steubenville, where the two high school football players were convicted of rape after video of an unconscious girl was posted online while being sexually assaulted. >>> a suspected drunk driver is in the hospital after a frightening crash that involved his car, tire shop and fire hydrant. tara moriarty joins us live. what's the scene like now, tara? >> reporter: well, it's a very busy intersection. so a lot of people are noticing this fire hydrant that's been shored up. down the street if you take a look, you can see it's muddy here and there's water where the water had been gushing down the street.
sexually assaulted will speak out today. audrie pott's parents are scheduled to appear at a news conference. they say their daughter was assaulted by three teenagers while she was drunk and unconscious at a party. she reportedly took her own life after a photograph of this appeared on line. we'll have more on this about of efforts to have the suspects tried as adults. >>> investigators are searching for the cause of an early- morning fire. it happened at an empty house on 37th street in oakland. here it is. started about 1:30 this morning. still not clear how the fire started but investigators say squatters have been known to sleep inside that house. >>> it's quite possible -- the investigator is investigating at this time. >> the flames caused a lot of damage but there's no word of injuries so far. >>> happening right now, a high wind advisory is in effect for most bay area bridges as we look outside right now -- look at that flag. just blowing. the wind advisories cover the bay bridge, san mateo bridge as well as the benicia, carquinez and dahm barren to bridge. a small craft advisory has
of audrie pott says she took her life days after someone posted a photo of the sexual assault online. her parents say she was drunk and unconscious when at least three high school boys sexually assaulted her last fall at a party. audrie pott's parents now hope the boys, who are facing felony charges, are gonna be prosecuted as adults. >> the family hopes these boys are brought to justice and they face the gravest consequences they can regard also of their age. >> this case is similar to the case in steubenville, ohio. >>> a suspected drunk driver is now in the hospital after getting a fire hydrant and a fire shop overnight. ktvu's tara moriarty has been at the shop since 4:30. you've learned this is not the first time this has happened. >> reporter: know, and the shop -- no, and the shop owner has been prying open the door to get the business open. you can see there's a big gaping hole in the side and there's water damage in here. they are trying to pump the water out of the pit here. if we pan to the left, you can see the massive damage, all of th
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